Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

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This is another wedding related blog, one of many to come, however I will mix in birthday and christening blogs too, so if you are not getting married, please do not despair.  I am not getting married but I still love looking at all the new trends, hopefully you do too. 

Your planning your big day, you have chosen the venue and now you are sorting the finer details.  

Choosing your wedding cake nowadays it's more than just a cake, it's a statement piece and a huge part of your wedding theme.

Gone are the days when the plain white cake with a cake topper were the height of fashion, trends now mean you can let you imagine run wild and really incorporate your cake into your wedding theme with style and colour.

Here are some tips for when choosing your wedding cake. 

Tip One - Budget 

When planning your wedding it's very easy to get carried away spending, it's no 
exception when it comes to ordering your wedding cake.  Have a set budget in mind, this helps when discussing your ideas with your cake maker and keeps your designs realistic with your budget.

 Image Credit: Thomas William

Tip Two - Flavour Of Cake

It's all very well having the most amazing show stopping cake but if it's tastes awful then your in trouble.  When choosing your wedding cake meet with cake makers first, ask to taste their sponge, fruit cake or whatever option you go for first before ordering.  This way you can choose on taste and not only design. 

Image Credit: Tom The Photographer

Tip Three - Theme Of Cake

You have chosen your wedding theme, whether your having a lavish bling affair or country garden wedding, or it's as simple as a colour theme, your cake is a great way to tie your theme together.  It's best to have a theme in mind, ie. your flowers your having, colours, style, this help your choose your cake with ease.  Your cake maker should have a portfolio of their work to give you ideas, or better still check out Pinterest.

Image Credit: James Bold

Tip Four - Displaying Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are not cheap, the labour of love that goes into them, the design process, the skill involved, so don't put your cake in the corner!  Display it in it's full glory, consider lighting, the table arrangement, the base or stand. Are you having a rustic woodland wedding theme, why not display your cake on a tree slice, you can have great fun with the choice of cake stand you choose. 

Image Credit:  Photos By Lanty 
Tip Five - Setting Up Your Cake 
When ordering your cake from a cake maker ask if they include delivery and setting up of the cake at your venue within the price, or do they charge additional for this service. It's best you choose a cake maker who's nearby, this will save unnecessary travelling, cakes are precious cargo. 

Image Credit :  Logan DeBorde 

Tip Six - Novelty Cakes 

Novelty cakes are a great way to being a sense of fun into your wedding, if you are going all out with a crazy fun theme, then it's an awesome idea but if you are going for a more traditional theme, is a novelty cake the way forward?  Remember it will be in your wedding photos forever, so do not regret that decision. 

Image Credit : Tom The Photgrapgher

Tip Seven - Cake As Desert 

If you are on a tight budget a great way to save money is by serving your wedding cake as a desert.  If you opt for a lovely sponge with a light butter cream with fresh berries this would make a beautiful pudding for your guests and saves those pennies. 

Image Credit:  Photos By Lanty

Tip Eight -  Making Your Own Cake 

Have you considered making your own wedding cake or have friends and family offered? as much as it's a lovely gesture, remember this is your wedding and hopefully you only do it once!  Your cake needs to be right, if you have a go yourself remember you will need to practice maybe several times over, this could end up being costly and working out more than a cake maker would charge.  If friends of family have offered ask to see their work or get them to make you a mini mock up so you can see it and try is first.   Remember it's ok to turn down the kind gesture.

 Image Credit: Marcie Douglass

Tip Nine  - The Top Tier 

Many years ago it was traditional to save the top tier for your babies christening.  Now trends and times have changed and it's not so common anymore.  If you are a traditionalist then make sure your top tier is frut cake so that it can be frozen.  

Image Credit: Jeremy Wong

Tip Ten  -  Shop Bought 

Everyone has a different budget and that's ok, I am firm believer in living within your means, a wedding can be a beautiful on £2000 budget, It's how you make your day and what it means to you.
If you are having a low key wedding a plain shop bought wedding cake can be ideal, you can then decorate how you wish.  I know Marks & Spencer & Tesco's have plain white wedding cakes that actually taste amazing.  All you need it to hire or purchase a cake stand add real or artificial flowers yourself, it's an alternative if that budget will not stretch. 

Top Eleven - Food Rating 

My final tip, food rating and food safety certificates & insurance, always ask to see the cake designers certificates to make sure they are all above aboard. You do not want to be buying your wedding cake from a dodgy maker, you will be feeding the cake to hundrerds of people, don't make them sick.

Hopefully these tip help buying your wedding cake, if you have any tips you feel I should add please comment below. 


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