About Us

Welcome to Wild Fig Weddings,  I am passionate about helping you find the perfect gift for your wedding party, from bridesmaid thank you gifts to personalised gifts for your ushers.

Throughout this blog I will provide top tips, helpful advice and share with you my latest products, which hopefully help you when it comes to finding the perfect gift when planning your wedding.

I am Clare Louise, the founder of Wild Fig Weddings based in Northamptonshire where I create pretty gift for your wedding party. 

I have 14 years in the wedding indsutry where I first started out making bridal tiaras and wedding jewellery, sadly this caused some damage to my wrist and hand and had to stop making the tiaras.  I now focus on the bridal party and those special thank you gifts, I also create gifts for the happy couple too. 

I love designing and creating, I am a qualified Interior Designer, this was my job for 12 years before my daughter was born, decided to try something new. 

I recently qualified as a graphic designer, those skills are used in my new venture WidFig & Co where I create quirky cute jewellery and life style products. 

If you need any assistance when it comes to those bridal party gift, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes

Clare x